Further Solutions


When the general public or contract parkers are interacting with a car park management system it is important that they have the facility to communicate with the car park operator for help.

The APS intercom system of choice is Commend. We have experience in installing the Commend system since 1999 largely through the integration with the Skidata Pay on Foot system.

APS engineers have received excellent training from Commend and continue to learn about new products as they are developed. Here is a list of some of the functionality that we can offer through the Commend product:

  • Intercom over IP – the ability to use existing IT infrastructure to reduce cabling requirements and hardware costs
  • Centralised Control Room intercom facility using IP technology
  • Diversion of Intercom to Mobile phones – to enable operators to answer intercom calls on the move and to open barriers with the mobile if authorised.
  • Integration of Help points in large car parks to offer increased security
  • Expansion of other intercom points not relating to parking eg., door access locations, Disabled refuge points

Please download the PDF below to see how the Commend intercom server can expand to other services both on site and remote.

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