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The term e-mobility refers to any vehicle that uses plug in electricity as their primary energy.

Governments are under increasing pressure to lower carbon emissions and provide alternative energy sources due to depleting oil reserves.

Increasingly, the network of charging points for electric vehicles is now increasing at pace in order to cater for the emergence of this new vehicle type.

Advanced Parking Solutions can supply and install e charging points throughout all of our current market sectors: airports, shopping centres, multi storey car parks and public buildings.

Charging stations can be integrated with the Skidata Pay on Foot system (see PDF below) in a single parking/charging transaction with no pre registration required. The Metro Pay and display used on street or off street can also be integrated to accept pay as you go payment for electric charging stations.

Key Facts:

  • By 2014 all main car manufacturers will have launched electric car modelsBenefits
  • The UK government has set aside £43m for grants of £5,000 for people buying electric vehicles up to March 2012
  • A similar grant is available in the Republic of Ireland with €5,000 available for those purchasing 100% fully electric vehicles

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