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Parking Guidance

The integration of a parking guidance system has major benefits to the operation of a car park system and to the customers using it.

One of the major complaints aired about parking facilities is that drivers waste too much time trying to find a vacant parking space – Parking Guidance Systems provide a solution to this problem.

External Parking Guidance systems can be found on main roads within towns and cities and they help drivers decide where to find free spaces within multi storey car parks or on approach roads within large surface car park areas eg University campuses and hospitals.

Pole mounted LED variable message signs will either display the numerical space count or simply SPACES or FULL with arrows printed on the sign indicating where the car park is located.

Internal Parking Guidance systems are installed within basement and multi storey car parks to help drivers find spaces quickly. There are 2 main types:

Level Count Signs – indicate how many spaces are available on each multi storey level (usually installed at the entry lanes). Ultrasonic Sensors are placed on the ceiling of every Up and Down Ramp to calculate the level counts

Space Bay Indicators - light indicators and sensors are installed on a rail along all off the parking spaces. When a car parks in a space, the indicator light above will change from GREEN to RED. This space information when taken over the whole facility can guide drivers to exact space locations and provide operators with invaluable information.

The advantages of a Parking Guidance System can be summarised as follows:

  • Drivers spend less time looking for a parking space
  • Traffic flow is greatly increased (especially in town and city centres)
  • More Customer convenience and repeat business
  • Creation of referrals by happy customers
  • With space bay indicators, no turning space required at end of parking row, therefore more spaces can be offered.

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