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Space Bay Monitoring

There is increasing pressure on Town and City authorities to monitor and control every single parking space that is offered to the public due to the increasing number of vehicles on our roads.

Nedap Sensits are battery operated units installed into the ground that detect cars parked above using 2 technologies to achieve this: Infrared and Inductive coil.

The Sensits communicate their status wirelessly in real time to a back office system which can then communicate vehicle overstays to traffic attendant web enabled handhelds.

This becomes an invaluable tool to parking operators who would traditionally ask attendants to “walk the beat” around the streets. With space bay sensor systems, alerts are sent to attendants who attend to the exact location of infringements and can then apply a PCN (Parking Charge Notice) if required.

Furthermore, in relation to Parking Guidance Signs (link), the Space Bay monitoring system data can also be sent to the following applications:

  • To Parking Guidance Systems to provide accurate street level space availability.
  • To Car navigation systems – eg Tom tom and Garmin that will tell drivers where spaces are available.
  • To the Metro Pay and Display machines to enable Pay by Space (link) parking.
  • To Town and City Centre traffic control centres
  • To Back office software that shows Town and City Centre Heat maps of parking availability.

 Please download our datasheet below on the Nedap Sensit system

Data Sheets

  • Nedap Sensit - Wireless Space Count System Download