Ulster University embraces the Cloud to enhance visitor parking

04 November 2016

From Left: David Bagshaw, Ulster University and Michael Dale, Advanced Parking Solutions

Since the recent integration by Advanced Parking Solutions Ltd of sweb.Wallet software into the existing Skidata car park management system, University staff can now send a parking e-ticket to visitor smartphones that permits access to reserved parking areas at any of the four Ulster University campuses spread throughout Northern Ireland.

How it works: when meetings are organised with University Departments on any of the campuses, an e-ticket is generated from the parking system and sent to visitor Apple or Android smartphones confirming date, time and campus location of meeting. Also, thanks to the geo-location feature, e-tickets are automatically activated on the smartphones when approaching the campus location and drivers simply stop and present the e-ticket QR code to the entry lane reader which opens the barrier to the reserved parking area.

The sweb.Wallet service has now reduced the amount of administration work previously undertaken by University staff and enables visitors to store and use their e-tickets conveniently on their own smartphones.

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