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Modern barriers used in Car Parks need 3 qualities...

  • They have to perform with 100% duty cycle
  • They have to be durable in manufacture and be rust free
  • They need to be visible...

Take a look at the video above to see how Skidata has developed the ADBarrier to bring extra advertising revenue to Heathrow Airport


Made of anodised aluminium and toughened industrial plastic composite, the Skidata barrier is rust free and continually works in the toughest of car park environments to the highest levels.


The Skidata barrier has redefined the modern automatic barrier in terms of the design of the barrier column and especially in barrier booms. The multi colour illuminated boom is revolutionary and yet very simple...take a look at the video!

Barriers can be designed to match corporate colours if required.

Create the best impression with a Skidata barrier


With parking.logic software you can visualise the status of every system barrier and column, manually open, close, keep open/close just with the click of a mouse... all audited with permissions if required.

If a barrier becomes separated from the housing the operator has immediate transparency and the boom can be reattached with minimal downtime

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