Payment Systems

Data Carriers

Barcode Tickets

The Skidata parking management system offers a variety of data carriers or ticket types depending on site requirements.

For short term parking transactions, thermal tickets that are printed on entry with a barcode represent the standard method of recording parking data throughout the system right through to exiting. However, magnetic stripe tickets can also be used.

Advantage of Skidata Barcode thermal tickets over magnetic stripe

  • More economical
  • Less risk of miss-reads
  • Minimal wear on tear on coding units as tickets are read optically rather than having to come in contact with (magnetic) reader heads.
  • Added visible barcode at entry, payment and exit stage so that various stages of payment transactions can be visibly verified.
  • Skidata coding units can even print customer logos and payment instructions onto the front of tickets, a further way of saving printing costs.

Skidata Contactless Key cards

Whereas competitors are only starting to offer this type of data carrier in their systems, Skidata have been using contactless data carriers in parking for over 10 years.

Personalise each card with its own thermal ID label or customise with pre printed artwork for company branding.

3rd Party smart cards

With the integration of smart card reading within Skidata parking columns and pay stations, customers can use existing Mifare or Legic cards from 3rd party systems in the parking system adding parking to 1 of many applications on the 1 card.


Please refer to our section Hands free to appreciate how windscreen mounted tags can open up a whole new world to contract and loyalty parking (link to Handsfree)

NFC Phones

With the emergence of Near Field Communication (NFC) within mobile phones, we can read contract parkers at entry and exit barrier locations by holding phone up to our integral readers on ticket columns. As the phone market expands we will also be able to pay for our parking with NFC phones offering more convenience to customers.

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