Payment Systems

Fixed Payment

In car parks where Pay on Foot is considered too expensive and Pay and Display is not feasible due to the requirement of an attendant to check for valid tickets, a fixed payment solution can be considered.

Fixed payment is a barrier controlled system and payment is made at either the entry or exit barrier. However, as this is a fixed fee, someone staying for 15 minutes pays exactly as someone parking for the whole day.

Our typical installations to date are at Airport Drop Off/Pick Up Zones and Colleges or buildings in town centres who wish to prevent all day parking by the general public.

Fixed Payment at entry


  • Everyone pays to enter the car park.
  • Cars passing over inductive loop will open barrier to exit


  • Drivers are detained whilst searching for coins to insert into the machine.
  • Depending on entry barrier location this may cause a tailback onto a main road

 Fixed Payment at exit


  • Drivers enter freely into car park thereby increasing traffic flow
  • Once parked drivers have time to have coins ready for exit


  • Drivers may wait until barriers are opened at night to exit without paying (not applicable at airports)
  • Delays may be caused when drivers try to find money to exit


Barriers at entry and exit point

Metro Fixed payment machine

Larger installations that require fast throughput of cars eg at Airports will require fast multiple coin operation

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