Payment Systems

Parking Columns

Skidata parking columns represent the first point of contact with your parking facility.

Style with purpose

  • High visibility arrow directing eye of approaching drivers to ticket button
  • Flashing ticket button light Graphic display screen with instructions as standard
  • Ability to show colour graphic advertising Integral RFID reader (not surface mounted)
  • Commend intercom integration as standard
  • Use corporate colours to compliment the environment


  • Coder basic – barcode issue and reading of tickets as standard
  • Coder unlimited – barcode or magnetic stripe reading 2 way or 4 way reading of tickets for customer convenience
  • Why not use a mix of both coding units on the same system?

3rd Party Friendly

It’s the curved bit on the right!! Take  off the front panel and mount 3rd party devices onto the flat panel  behind. 3rd party intercoms, Card readers, pin hole cameras, pin pads  are all recessed to avoid collision with car wing mirrors.

Data Sheets