Payment Systems

Pay & Display

This method of paying for parking is most commonly found in the on street and off street parking spaces in town and city centres, but can also be found in small private car parks and supermarkets.

Advanced Parking Solutions have been selling and maintaining pay and display machines throughout Ireland since 1999 and now can offer the Metro parking machine in the UK also.

Metro Pay and Display

Please download the brochures below for more details on the award winning Metro Pay and Display machine. We have also included a brochure on the Ezicom2 Web based Back Office system that offers operators details down to every single parking transaction that goes through the system.


Take a look at the video above  to see an innovative way of paying for parking at the Metro machine using a mobile phone!! No pre registration required!!

How it works

  • 1Driver parks and proceeds to a pay and display machine to insert coins or credit card to pay for a ticket issued by the machine and then displays on the dashboard of the driver's vehicle.
  • 2The ticket will display the parking expiry time as well as date and time of purchase.
  • 3Machines accept coins in 1 or 2 currencies and more commonly will also be fitted with a credit card reader to offer more convenience to drivers parked in high tariff areas or where daily or weekly parking is offered.
  • 4For large installations machines are usually networked wirelessly via GPRS to a web based back office system that allow system monitoring and alerts, tariff changing and reporting.

Data Sheets

  • EziCom2 - Online Integrated Parking Management Solution Download
  • Metropolis - Parking Meter Series Download