Payment Systems

Pay by Number Plate

The cities of Brisbane and Vancouver have installed the Pay by Plate version of the ITS Metro machine to help with inner city congestion.

The Pay by Plate system offers councils major advantages over traditional Pay and Display methods. Fewer on street machines are required, tickets cannot be ‘passed on’ to other drivers and the licence plate numbers can be exported in real time to third party Parking Enforcement Systems.

How it works

Pay by Plate is a ticketless method of paying for parking that works in the following manner:

  • 1The driver parks and goes to purchase a ticket at the Metro machine
  • 2He enters the car number plate into the machine by using a 44 digit alphanumeric keypad.
  • 3The driver will then be prompted to choose the amount of parking time required and pay accordingly with coins, credit card or mobile phone. Each transaction is sent in real time to the Ezicom2 back office system.
  • 4No requirement to display a ticket, therefore driver does not have to go back to the vehicle to display a ticket, although this can also be activated if required.
  • 5Traffic attendants who are patrolling the car park or street can check licence plate numbers on their handheld units via communication links from the office system or at the Metro machine itself.
  • 6For larger installations, number plates are checked via vehicles fitted with ANPR cameras for fast and efficient number plate reading.

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