Payment Systems

Pay by Space

As councils and car park operators aim to maximise the revenue on every parking space, the Pay by Space ITS Metro machine makes drivers enter the parking space number into the machine.

Similar to Pay by Plate, tickets cannot be passed on to other drivers when the space numbers do not match on the parking ticket.

Pay by Space parking machines are increasingly being linked to space sensor systems to increase transparency for parking attendants who can now see on their handhelds when parking time has expired on a particular parking space, thus increasing traffic enforcement efficiencies.

How it works

Pay by Space is a ticketless method of paying for parking that works in the following manner:

  • 1The driver parks and goes to purchase a ticket at the Metro machine
  • 2He enters the space number that is either painted or on a plaque stuck  onto   the road surface. The parking space bay numbers can either be chosen by scrolling through the programmed machine list or by using an 44 digit alphanumeric keypad.
  • 3The driver will then be prompted to choose the amount of parking time required and pay accordingly with coins or credit card. Each transaction is sent in real time to the Ezicom2 back office system.
  • 4Depending on the enforcement system used, tickets displaying the space   number can be produced and ticket is displayed on the car dashboard which has the added benefit of preventing 'passing over' of tickets from one driver to another as tickets are printed space specific.
  • 5Alternatively, operators may wish to opt for a ticketless system where no   icket is displayed and spaces are either valid or invalid according to transaction details confirmed at the machine or via comms to the attendant's handheld unit.

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