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Reservation Systems

Chauntry Reservations App

Working alongside the world’s best reservations systems providers, the APS Technical Support team has gained valuable experience in the integration of on line pre booking of car park spaces with the Skidata parking management system.

More convenience

  • Operator is paid in advance
  • Multiple sales channels of site parking spaces
  • Full transparency on future pre booking activity in advance of arrivals
  • Hassle free parking for the customer
  • Operator is able to offer flexible rates according to demand
  • Operator can offer other services as part of a bundle (Fast Track, Car Valet, Business lounge)

How it works

  • 1A customer logs on by PC or smart phone to site web site where pre booking of spaces is available eg airport, hotel, exhibition or entertainments centre
  • 2Customer enters date of arrival and departure from car park and pays by credit card (usually at a preferential rate)
  • 3Customer confirms either credit card number OR licence plate as an identifier to be used in the Skidata parking system
  • 4Pre Booking System sends date details to Skidata system
  • 5Upon arrival either customer car licence plate is identified or credit card is inserted into Skidata column
  • 6On exiting, again either car licence plate is identified or credit card is inserted in exit column