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Parking.logic software

When speaking to car park operators who have gained many years of experience working with different car park management systems, feedback confirms that the Skidata system is by far the easiest to navigate, the most comprehensive in terms of reporting and also the most flexible regarding tariff changes and system configuration.

With over 40 software modules to choose from, operators can develop their business easily with added functionality.

The ability to integrate with 3rd party systems is vital for the long term success of any parking management system. Parking.logic allows bi directional data flow to allow integration of a range of services including pre booking systems, 3rd party card systems and credit card clearing facilities.

Please download the Parking.logic data sheet below to find out more.

Skidata Hosted Business Services

Take a look at the video below to appreciate how Skidata Hosted SWeb services sets a new standard on how to operational, management and sales activity in car parking.

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