Payment Systems


There are 2 types of parking system validation: stand alone and online

Validations are used to give value or time based discounts to customers most typically in retail environments. Other applications can be found in hospitals where certain patient or visitor type is entitled to free parking.

Stand Alone

Operators simply plug the stand-alone unit into a wall socket and insert the parking ticket into the validation unit to receive a thermal barcode stamp. The value of a stamp belonging to a validation unit is pre configured at the parking management computer.

Reports relating to the number of validations given by any individual retail unit, corporate entity or hospital department are produced by the management system

Web based Electronic Validations

The purchase of stand-alone units can sometimes not be possible, perhaps because the cost of multiple units may be prohibitive on large scale applications, but also difficult to manage.

Eval systems can offer online validation that can work together with the Skidata parking system.

So for example if a VIP parks in a city centre car park and visits a nearby office, an office administrator can take the VIP’s parking ticket, go online to the eval account and enter in the VIP’s parking ticket unique ref number and apply an appropriate validation (eg., free parking). When the VIP returns to the car park, the ticket is inserted into the exit column and free egress is granted.

The office above maintains a pre paid account which is not only available to themselves but also to the local car park operator who is the main administrator for all such clients.

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