A-Safe increases safety at Smurfit Kappa (Lurgan)


When it came to purchasing a new safety barrier system, Alan Uprichard, H&S Manager at Smurfit Kappa (Lurgan), searched for a cost effective, environmentally friendly, low carbon footprint solution:

Advanced Parking Solutions specialises in the installation and maintenance of a wide range of access control equipment, and has recently worked with Smurfit Kappa.

Smurfit Kappa in Lurgan has just installed A-Safe’s Double Impact Plus barriers in their loading area.  Safety of pedestrians within their site is paramount for Smurfit Kappa and Alan Uprichard, H&S Manager, said:

“Like many companies, we have found great difficulty with traditional steel barriers getting damaged and constantly needing maintenance. By using the A-Safe barrier range, we feel we now have a long term solution, peace of mind in keeping our staff safe on site and eliminating the need for on-going maintenance and repairs. A-Safe also offers us a very aesthetically pleasing product which aids in our Health and Safety policies. Advanced Parking Solutions completed a very professional, quick installation and worked with us so that our production and safety was never compromised.”


Extensive Portfolio

The extensive product portfolio at Advanced Parking Solutions includes automatic barriers and gates, high security bollards and road blockers, high-speed gates and, more recently, the innovative A-Safe Protection system.

“We are looking forward to providing further safety solutions for Smurfit Kappa that offer better protection of both their staff and property,” said Michael Dale, Sales and Marketing Manager of Advanced Parking Solutions.


Up until now steel barriers and bollards have been the only option for protecting pedestrians, buildings and machinery from forklift trucks (FLTs) within the manufacturing environment. However, the polymer based A-Safe barrier protection system provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to steel through its clever ‘flexible’ patented design.

Unlike traditional steel products which dent or break and incur expensive floor repair costs, A-Safe flexes upon impact and regains its original shape soon after.


Bespoke Solutions

Over the past 12 months, APS Ltd has been supplying and installing a wide range of A-Safe solutions in warehouses and factories, particularly in the logistics, automotive, pharmaceutical, food and drink sectors as well as in other large and small scale manufacturing plants and delivery depots.

APS Ltd is now offering on-site surveys free of charge and submits bespoke solutions in return with the option of Autocad design.

APS Ltd is also offering free trials of A-Safe products that can be fitted by its experienced installation team.





Industrial strength Polymer Barrier

Flexes upon impact unlike steel

Highly visible

No painting required

4.5 times less carbon footprint than steel

Environmentally friendly product that is 100% recyclable

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"Advanced Parking Solutions completed a very professional, quick installation and worked with us so that our production and safety was never compromised."

Alan Uprichard - H&S ManagerSmurfit Kappa (Lurgan)