Causeway Hospital (NHSCT)

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After a lengthy tendering process that scrutinised in great detail the car parking requirements for 2 hospitals within the Northern Health and Social Care Trust, APS Ltd won the contract in 2011 to install the Skidata Pay on Foot system at both Antrim Area and Causeway Hospitals.

Special Features integrated with Skidata Pay on Foot system

Integration with Trust Wide Area Network (WAN)

On site, cabling costs were reduced considerably as a large percentage of the Skidata system devices were linked back to central control via the hospital LAN.

Furthermore, the 2 hospitals are linked via the hospital WAN to allow remote monitoring, voice and data control.

Commend Intercom System

Voice over IP installed using hospital LAN and WAN connections to allow clear voice communication between the control rooms and all parking equipment.

Mifare Smartcard integration

Standard Skidata integral readers can read Mifare smart cards and these were used to provide staff with parking access. Cards can also be used for future integration with other smartcard applications such as door access, cashless vending and canteens. This one card solution reduces administration costs and provides a more convenient service for staff.

Installation of Double Height ticket columns

In order to cater for public bus and delivery services, these high columns were installed to free up car park staff who would otherwise have to open barriers by answering the intercom system on every entry and exit transaction.

Stand alone validation units

These Skidata units were installed to enable some hospital departments the ability to provide certain patient and visitor categories with parking concessions

Original Installation – 2011
Pay stations – 4
Entry lanes – 3
Exit lanes – 4

Parking Spaces –

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"APS performed well on this particular scheme.They have good people on the ground, who get involved with the daily issues at an early stage to negate any possible delays to the contract and can integrate with other sub-contractors without any conflict. They also have a good team structure in place that getsinvolved at various stages throughout the contract. This combination of management and willingness to work with the contractor for the benefit of the scheme can only be a good thing and for everyones benefit."

Gareth Scullion
Contracts Manager FP McCann Ltd