Institute of Technology Sligo


The Institute of Sligo is situated just outside Sligo Town in County Sligo in the north west of Ireland catering for 5,800 students and 600 staff.

Parking is supplied with a mix of Pay on Foot, Pay and Display and free spaces.

Special Features integrated with Skidata Pay on Foot system

Remote PC access

Apart from the data central computer linked to all of the Pay on Foot system, the Institute required an existing PC to link to the car park system. This facilitates full system control and ability to access system reports

Commend Intercom System

Allows clear voice communication between the control room and all parking equipment.

Visitor Reservations

From the central control unit, staff can manually reserve a parking space within the Visitors car park. Visitors simply key in a 4 digit number on the numeric keypads installed on the entry and exit parking columns. Keypads are recessed into the column panels dedicated to 3rd party devices, thus minimising any damage to keypads from passing vehicles.

Stand alone Solar powered Pay and Display machines

No power cabling or ducting was required at time of installation therefore costs were reduced considerably.

Original Installation – 2010

Visitor Car park

Pay stations – 1
Entry lanes – 1
Exit lanes – 1

Business and Humanities Car Park

Solar powered Pay and Display machines - 2

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