Scotch Hall, Drogheda


Scotch Hall is located close to Drogheda town centre and is a modern shopping focus only 30 minutes from Dublin Airport.

Having 50 retail units there is heavy demand on the Skidata car park system which is split between the Multi storey car park and the surface car park.

Special Features integrated with Skidata Pay on Foot system

Commend Intercom System

Intercom is installed to allow communication between all parking devices and the security control room.

Integrated CCTV cameras within Skidata parking columns

3rd party pin hole cameras are installed at all entry lanes, housed within the right hand side panel of the Skidata parking columns.

An image of the driver is displayed on a screen to let customers know that they have been recorded on CCTV. This adds to the sense of security and customer care for those using the basement car parks.

Contactless card readers

Skidata key cards allow staff and contract parkers to access the car park facilities with minimum fuss and wear and tear on the parking columns.

Variable Message Signs


Within the MSCP, a level counting system was installed in order to inform drivers of how many spaces were available on each level.


Variable Message Signs are installed on the main road to display space availability within the MSCP.

This system means less traffic congestion and more customer convenience.

Original Installation – 2005
Pay stations – 8
Entry lanes – 2
Exit lanes – 2

Parking Spaces – 850

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