Springtown Business Park


Springtown Business Park is a 3 phase office complex built by Northern Ireland construction company Heron Bros Ltd as is situated in the city of Derry.

The Skidata parking system is modern in design and functionality and adds to this new modern business complex.

Special Features integrated with Skidata Pay on Foot system

Skidata Validations

Due to the City centre location, the car park can offer validations to those hotels that wish to pass on concessions to their guests for overnight stays.

Commend Intercom System

Intercom is installed to allow communication between all parking devices and the security control room.

Contactless card readers

Skidata key cards allow staff to access the car park facilities with minimum fuss and wear and tear on the parking columns.

Original Installation – 2010
Pay stations – 2
Entry lanes – 1
Exit lanes – 1

Parking Spaces – 170

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