University of Ulster


The University of Ulster incorporates 4 campuses spread throughout Northern Ireland: Belfast Coleraine, Jordanstown and Magee.

The Skidata Pay on foot System was installed to provide 3000 staff and over 25,000 students with a controlled and secure car parking environment at each of these locations.

Special Features integrated with Skidata Pay on Foot system

Central control room located at Jordanstown Campus

By using the University Wide Area Network (WAN) , all car parks on all campuses are controlled and connected thus ensuring complete system overview, control, monitoring and review

Commend Intercom System

Voice over IP installed using University WAN on all campuses to allow clear voice communication between the control rooms and all parking equipment.

Mifare Smartcard integration

In 2010, the University introduced Mifare smart cards to be used by staff and students in a wide variety of applications (eg., access control and photocopying). Major benefit of 1 card solution for multi applications

On Line credit card clearing

Six Card solutions are the providers of this service allowing drivers to use their credit card on entry and exit lane for greater convenience.

Original Installation – 2004
Pay stations – 11
Entry lanes – 20
Exit lanes – 19
Parking Spaces – 3500

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